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Storage FAQ:

Can I access my records anytime I need them?

Yes! Alpha Records provides 24/7 delivery service. When you need your records, just let us know by phone or by fax. Our delivery services include standard delivery, which covers normal business hours, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. Our emergency delivery covers after hours, weekends and holidays.

How do you keep track of my records that are in storage?

We use a bar code system. With the bar code system we can track everything that comes into and goes out of our facility. This lessens the chance of error.

What security measures control access to the building?

Your records are stored in a secure locked facility. Only a minimum number of our personnel have access to the storage areas. The facility is equipped with a security system and cameras that monitor activity 24 hours a day.

Can we use our own boxes for storage?

Yes, but we offer specially designed and constructed storage boxes for a minimal price

How do I prepare our boxes for storage?

All boxes need to be in good physical condition. Label all boxes on each end. Taking time to label your boxes accurately in the beginning will save you time later.

Does the size of the storage box matter

We will store small boxes or large boxes, although it is important that the box is sturdy.

What is the cost of storing a box?

Customers have discovered a savings of storing with us vs. a storage unit or unused office space.

Do you provide for storage of magnetic media?

Yes, our climate-controlled vault is constructed of solid concrete.

What else can we store in your climate-controlled vault?

Anything that requires a climate and temperature controlled environment.

What do I need to get started?

Complete our contact form here or call us at 304-255-9060!

Shredding FAQ:

Why should I let you shred our documents?

Labor Savings - Your employees could be doing more productive work than standing over a small office shredder. Our monster shredder can shred 800 lbs. per hour.

Proprietary Information - Every business needs to safeguard its confidential information. Shredding provides security for your business just as alarms, computer passwords and locks do.

The Law - Protecting consumer information is not just the right thing to do, in many cases it's the law. HIPAA, GLB, FACTA and many other recent laws have made it illegal to dispose of information improperly.

Why can't I just purchase an office shredder?

First of all, money! It will cost much more to shred in-house than to outsource the mundane job of shredding

Second, security. There are many reasons not to have your own staff perform the shredding duties, some documents are for upper management eyes only.

What can be shredded?

Office paper waste, CD's, photos and light colored file folders. Items we don't shred include cardboard, plastics, newspapers, metal items and books.

What is done with my documents after they are shredded?

We put the shredded material into a bailer to make bails which average over 1,500 lbs. each. The bails are then sent to Midwest recycling center where paper towels are made.

Do you offer shredding consoles?

Yes, depending on the volume of material, you can choose a secure container, that holds 200 lbs. or an office console that holds 70 lbs. of office waste, delivered to your office. We can retrieve your container and shred your documents on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly schedule.