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Document Storage - Media Storage - Indexing Services - Destruction Services

Document Storage.

Alpha Records offers tri-level security for your information assets. Our storage is climate controlled year round. We offer 24/7 access to your document and back-up files -- whenever you need your information we can deliver. Our storage system is bar code indexed in a professionally managed area.

Secure storage of your information assets is important to you and us. Our off site storage will help minimalize the risk of document theft and unauthorized personnel accessing your documents.

With our bar code indexing system you will have a list of all your stored documents. This will help you minimize or eliminate accessing your documents.

Office space storage is expensive and labor cost to search, retrieve and refile your on-site storage is even higher.

Our storage facility is climate controlled year round with frequent automatic temperature/humidity monitoring and reporting.

Indexing Services

We offer our clients the service of indexing each file in each box. By indexing each file in each box the client will have a list of the contents of each box. This gives the client another level of organization with easier accessibility

Media Storage

Alpha Records stores your media storage backups in a concrete vault where atmospheric conditions are controlled and monitored so that your data is safe from water, fire and theft. The 4-hour fire rating, limited access and a quadruple level of security provides maximum safety for your data.

Pick up and delivery of your media backup will be scheduled to coincide with your rotation schedule.

Destruction Services

Confidential files and data that a business is no longer required to keep should be destroyed in a safe and secure manner. Alpha Records can destroy your files safely and securely with shredding and recycling.

Alpha Records provides destruction services to businesses and individuals to assist you in securely destroying data.

We offer locked, secure containers to our clients for collection of paper to be shredded. The containers will be picked up on a schedule that meets your needs.

Alpha Records shredded material is recycled and bleached at a paper mill.

Alpha Records Management can help your business! Our services will maximize your efficiency while saving you time and money.