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ABOUT US Alpha Records Management History

Alpha Records Management was born out of a need for better organization and quality for record and document storage from our sister company, Alpha Engineering.

Alpha Engineering was using a mini-storage unit and office space to store inactive files. It could take one person hours to locate an old file. This was unorganized and EXPENSIVE! The mini-storage was costly, inconvenient, damp, not always accessible and unsuitable for preserving important documents and data.

One day while driving to a project in the midwest, I passed a large warehouse where they stored records, files and other items. After some research I decided to start a business where our sister company, as well as other businesses, organizations and individuals could store files, tape backups and other media in a safe, secure environment.

Thus Alpha Records Management was born.

We’ve been archiving, storing, shredding, and scanning records for a variety of businesses ranging from financial to medical and others since 2001. Our mission is to provide safe, convenient and secure records storage with 24/7 access.

Call Alpha Records or complete the contact form and let us help you manage your information assets.

We look forward to serving you and thank you for considering Alpha Records Management.

Gary M. Hartsog, PE
President, Alpha Records





What can I do with my paper files once they are scanned?2023-09-14T13:31:25-05:00

Once scanned and quality checked, the paper files can be:

  • Returned in the same cartons as ARM received them;
  • Shred and recycle the paper files;
  • Place the paper files in storage in our secure storage areas in case the hard-copy is needed in the future; or
  • Place the paper files in storage with a “destroy on” date to give time for internal review and use of the files.
How do you charge for scanning?2023-09-14T13:29:40-05:00

We have two rates, depending on the client’s needs. One is for ARM preparing the file for scanning then scanning the file. The second is where the client prepares the paper file for scanning and ARM has no preparation time.

What is the quality of the digital scan files?2023-09-14T13:23:32-05:00

We have different levels of scan file product. The one we highly recommend is a searchable file at 600 PDI resolution. We also reduce the large files so that less memory space is used.

What kind of media do you use for the digital files?2023-09-14T13:23:00-05:00

We can provide digital scan files on CD, Flash Drives, FTP Sites or encrypted e-mail.

What kind of file do I get from the scanning?2023-09-14T13:22:26-05:00

Usually, we provide a PDF format file. We can provide scans in other formats if you need something different.

What kind of scanning services does ARM offer?2023-09-14T13:21:50-05:00

We can scan office records up to 11-in x 17-in using our high-speed scanning process. For larger documents, maps and drawings, we scan up to 42-in wide and almost any reasonable length.

Do you provide for storage of magnetic media?2023-09-14T12:44:10-05:00

Yes, in our climate-controlled vault.

Do you offer shredding consoles?2023-09-15T10:30:32-05:00

Yes, depending on the volume of material, you can choose a secure container that holds 300 lbs., one that holds 200 lbs. or an office console that holds 30 lbs. of office waste paper, delivered to your office. We can retrieve your container and shred your documents on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly schedule.

What happens to my documents after they are shred?2023-09-14T12:37:13-05:00

The shredded material is put into a baler to compact the shred into a bale. An average bale weighs 1,500 pounds.  The bales are then shipped to the paper recycling plant.  The bale is dropped into a vat of chemicals that removes all the ink from the paper. A magnet removes all the paper clips and staples from the material. One product they make is sheets of paper pulp that are then used to make paper towels, toilet paper and many more paper products!

What can we shred or destroy?2017-03-21T15:21:37-05:00

Office paper, light color file folders, photos and CD’s. Items we cannot shred or destroy are cardboard, plastic, newspapers, magazines, metal items and books.

Why can’t I just purchase an office shredder?2023-09-14T12:42:45-05:00

First of all, money! It will cost much more to shred in bulk. Over-the-counter shredders are not designed to handle the typical shred needs of an office, they are slow and the motors have a tendency to burn up.

Second, security. There are many reasons not to have your own staff perform the shredding duties, some documents are for upper management eyes only.

Why should I let you shred our documents?2016-10-26T16:30:44-05:00

Labor Savings – Your employees could be doing more productive work than standing over a small office shredder. Our monster shredder can shred 800 lbs. per hour.

Proprietary Information – Every business needs to safeguard its confidential information. Shredding provides security for your business just as alarms, computer passwords and locks do.

The Law – Protecting consumer information is not just the right thing to do, in many cases it’s the law. HIPAA, GLB, FACTA and many other recent laws have made it illegal to dispose of information improperly.

What do I need to get started?2023-09-14T12:43:31-05:00

Call 304-255-9060 or e-mail a contact form for a discussion with a document professional to discuss your needs and help prepare a proposal.

What else can we store in your climate-controlled vault?2023-09-14T12:49:13-05:00

Anything that requires a climate and temperature-controlled environment. Exceptions are biological materials, explosives, poisons, toxins or any hazardous materials.

What is the cost of storing a box?2023-09-14T12:55:46-05:00

Customers have discovered a savings of storing with us versus the cost of a storage unit or unused office space.  Call Alpha Records for a more accurate estimate 304-255-9060 based on your needs.

Does the size of the storage box matter?2024-07-01T10:27:17-05:00

We will store small boxes or large boxes, although it is important that the box is sturdy. We have found large banker boxes are heavier and more likely to fall apart.

How do I prepare our boxes for storage?2023-09-14T13:08:49-05:00

All boxes should be in good physical condition and clearly labeled on each end. We will also provide barcodes to place on the boxes and new storage forms for you to fill out that gives an inventory of each box’s contents. Taking time to label your boxes completely and accurately in the beginning will save you time in finding a box later.   

Can we use our own boxes for storage?2023-09-14T13:09:40-05:00

Yes, but we offer for a minimal price a special designed box that is extra durable for long term file handling and storage.

What security measures control access to the building?2023-09-14T13:11:22-05:00

Your records are stored in a secure locked facility. Only a minimum number of our personnel have access to the storage areas. The facility is equipped with security systems and cameras that monitor activity 24 hours a day.

How do you keep track of my records that are in storage?2023-09-14T13:12:17-05:00

We use a bar code system with specialized data base software tracking. With the bar code system we can track everything that comes into and goes out of our facility. This lessens the chance of error.

Can I access my records anytime I need them?2023-09-14T13:20:01-05:00

Yes! Alpha Records provides 24/7 delivery service. When you need your records, just let us know by phone, email, or by fax. Our delivery services include standard delivery, which covers normal business hours, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. Our emergency delivery covers after hours, weekends and holidays.


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